English-Only Fans Flip Out (Again) Because ESPN 2 Ran ESPN Deportes’ Spanish-Language WBC Broadcast

Mar 23, 2017
7:40 AM

Here we go again.

Following the reaction that led to a #ThisIsAmerica hashtag in 2013 because (gasp!) ESPN 2 was bold enough to broadcast ESPN Deportes’ Spanish-language broadcast of the championship game between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, it looks like there was another typical reaction last night’s very same bold move by ESPN 2 to feature ESPN Deportes and its coverage of the 2017 WBC final between the United States and Puerto Rico, a game the U.S. won, 8–0.

We Present Some of the Evidence

Luckily, Others Felt the Same Way as Us, Including Some ESPN Folks

And Here’s to Rational People

For those who actually care, ESPN only had the Spanish-language rights and MLB Network had the English-language ones. And a lot of what we wrote about in 2013 is still relevant this morning, even in Donald Trump’s America.

¡Gracias, ESPN, por haber hecho esto otra vez! Esperamos que ustedes sigan haciéndolo.