Kappa Sigma Suspends Operations of Baylor University Chapter for Controversial ‘Mexican-Themed’ Party

May 1, 2017
4:40 PM

In response to the news that the Baylor University chapter of Kappa Sigma was being investigated by the university for a Saturday night ‘Mexican-themed’ party that some students said featured attendees dressed as maids, construction workers and chants of “Build That Wall,” the fraternity’s national executive director confirmed to Latino Rebels on Monday that the it will be suspending operations of the Baylor chapter.

“The Kappa Sigma Fraternity has learned of a social event that occurred with our Lambda-Tau Chapter at Baylor University at an off campus location on Saturday evening,” Mitchell B. Wilson said via email. “Kappa Sigma has suspended the operations of the Chapter , while we conduct an investigation in cooperation with the University. The allegations are inconsistent with the values of Kappa Sigma and, upon the completion of the investigation, the Fraternity will address the findings in an appropriate manner.”

Latino Rebels was first alerted of the Baylor part when it received an email from a Baylor student who had shared a public Facebook post by Marco Arredondo, another student at Baylor:

A tweet about the party did get thousands of retweets:

The same Baylor student who sent us the email with Arredondo’s post also sent Latino Rebels a screen grab of a tweet that shows a one partygoer inviting a young women to “feel free to join the house cleaners:”

Amid student protests on Sunday, Baylor Vice President Keith Jackson issued the following statement:

The University has been made aware of a racially insensitive event that occurred [Sunday] night off campus. The reported behavior is deeply concerning and does not in any way reflect Baylor’s institutional values. University officials are presently investigating the incident and gathering additional information. Baylor is committed to a Christian mission that actively supports a caring and diverse campus community, and we do not tolerate racism of any kind on our campus. When any incident that does not align with our faith and mission is brought to our attention, it is thoroughly investigated by the University, and appropriate action is taken. Baylor is wholeheartedly steadfast in our commitment to our mission and to enriching the racial and ethnic fabric of our University. We accomplish this by celebrating and strengthening inclusiveness, understanding and acceptance of all members of the Baylor family regardless of race or ethnicity.

In 2012, Baylor faced a national controversy (first reported by Latino Rebels) when news of another Mexican-theme party was slammed. Remember this photo Latino Rebels was able to obtain?

Or this one?