Helado Negro Just Premiered One Very Cool and Trippy LENGUA LARGA Video

May 4, 2017
10:29 AM

We’ve been following the career of Helado Negro for a while now, and on Thursday Helado Negro (the creation of Roberto Carlos Lange) released the official video for “Lengua Larga.”

“The song ‘Lengua Larga’ is about the paranoia of never feeling at home in your home,” Lange tells Latino Rebels. “It’s loosely based around my relative who came over from Ecuador at a young age and stayed as an undocumented immigrant through high school and got a scholarship to college but was unable to attend due to legal status. Now they get by, working under the table.”

“Lengua Larga” is just one of the many songs on Private Energy, which will release on May 5 (that’s this Friday!). Click on the image below for more: