Joe T. Hodo Is Back: Father Solalinde and Las Patronas Laugh at the Texan Oilman’s Ridiculous New Plan

Jun 28, 2017
1:56 PM

The Joe T. Hodo Show is back with a new episode. This time the Texas oilman met with Father Alejandro Solalinde— the Catholic priest famous for helping thousands of Central American migrants pass through Mexico to go to the United States.

As he seeks a blessing from Father Solalinde for his presidential campaign, Hodo also tries to convince Solalinde to have migrants work at the Texas oilman’s hydraulic fracking plants. In exchange, Hodo promises to help migrants cross the border through the tunnel he plans to build under Trump’s wall. Not surprisingly, Father Solalinde is not happy with the idea, so he sends Hodo to Veracruz to meet Las Patronas, a group of humble rural women who prepare and distribute meals to the migrants passing the area. As expected, Hodo is not successful at his attempt to convince these two migrant active advocates.

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