Puerto Rico Governor Rosselló on the State of Recovery (MSNBC VIDEO)

Nov 2, 2017
4:52 PM

On Thursday, Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló made a studio appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Here is the clip of that he said:

A few things to consider about this interview:

  • Rosselló said an “untruth” about how many people have power in Puerto Rico. It’s not that close to 40% of people on the island power. It is all about power generation, which Rosselló’s own administration has admitted. Don’t believe us? Read this.
  • How can Rosselló discuss with certainty about death counts when his own administration doesn’t have complete data about the counts? Don’t believe us? Read this or listen to this.
  • And don’t get us started about the lack of getting more help to restore the power grid.