Latino Rebels Community Gives the 2017 #NoMames Award to the Hurricane María Response

Dec 31, 2017
12:13 PM

You have voted and the results are in for the 2017 #NoMames Award. According to our community, the response to Hurricane María got 47 percent of the vote, followed by Latinos for Trump at 38 percent. The Carlos Hakas elotero craziness (remember that?) got 10 percent of the vote, with 84 Lumber’s Super Bowl ad (remember that too?) got five percent of the vote.

In the end, the 2017 winner did not surprise us, since there was so many examples of how poorly the federal government and the government of Puerto Rico has performed in a post-María world. Who can forget some of these stories? (You can read all the Puerto Rico stories we published here.)

After Reports of Higher Hurricane María Deaths, Puerto Rico Governor Calls for Formal Investigation and Review

Delayed and Without Resources: Puerto Rico’s Police Did Little to Investigate Missing Persons After Hurricane María

US Army Corps of Engineers Chose Only One Company to Collect Majority of Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Debris

The Urgency of Dignified Housing for People Seeking Shelter in Puerto Rico After Hurricane María Is Real

FEMA Responds to Reports of High Death Count in Puerto Rico After Hurricane María

Nearly 1,000 More People Died in Puerto Rico After Hurricane María

Puerto Rico’s Government Seems to Blame Everyone Else for Uncounted Hurricane Deaths

On the Day Puerto Rico Gov’t Said 50% of Power Generation Was Achieved, the Lights Went Out Again

Government Agencies Not Taking Action Against Dangers of Electric Generators in Puerto Rico

The Government of Puerto Rico Admitted an Increase in September Deaths After María, But Won’t Say Much More

Why Can’t President Trump Say That Puerto Ricans Are US Citizens?

Gutiérrez: ‘We Need a Lot More Than Paper Towels From the President and This Congress’

And if you think this #NoMames talk is going away, think again. Over the past few days, there were more moments. Here are just a few more examples:

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