14 Democrats Sign Letter Calling for Investigation of Puerto Rico Hurricane María Death Count

Jun 5, 2018
9:21 AM

A week after a Harvard School of Public Health study estimated that that the death count in Puerto Rico related to Hurricane María could be at least 70 times greater than the government’s official death of 64, leading to sudden clarifications from the Ricardo Rosselló administration as well as a social movement calling for more transparency and accountability, 14 Democrats who are members of the House Committee on Natural Resources wrote a Monday letter to Committee chairman Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) calling for an investigation about the death count. Here is the letter:

Natural Resources Democrats Demand Hearing on Puerto Rico by Congressman Ruben Gallego on Scribd

Last year, Senate Democrats called for an investigation as early as mid-October, just weeks after Hurricane María hit.

Emails from Latino Rebels for response from Rep. Bishop have yet to be returned.