The Migrant Caravan Is Not an ‘Army’ (VIDEO)

Oct 23, 2018
9:45 AM

In response to how the Associated Press is characterizing the group of mostly Honduras migrants traveling together in Mexico, National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) Hugo Balta appeared in a new AJ+ video and explained why #Words Matter.

Before this video came out, NAHJ issued the following statement:

While it is significant to address the issues surrounding the migrant caravan moving through Mexico, this caption [now deleted] by The Associated Press pressures language that invalidates the plight of these migrants.

NAHJ acknowledges that this group is strong and courageous for leaving the place they call home in pursuit for a better life.  This group has braved a long journey to find a new environment where they can excel and find pride in themselves and how they support their families.

While not all may recognize the extremity that these individuals may have suffered through and what they have endured to escape such struggles, however it is imperative that the press portrayals this battle they have fought in a fair and accurate light. Therefore, terms such as ragtag and poor must be exchanged for words that are less bias and assumptive.

Here are some the examples the AP was tweeting earlier this week. It has deleted several of these tweets and issued Twitter explanations:

These types of tweets and the stories being published raised serious questions about the AP and its coverage.

And it’s not just the AP that is using language that is sensationalizing the coverage. Some more examples:

According to NAHJ, a meeting with the AP has been scheduled. Here’s hoping there is actual impact here.