Puerto Rico’s Anti-Gay Puppet La Comay Slated to Be Back on TV in January

Dec 19, 2018
3:27 PM

Ever since 2013, when Puerto Rico’s WAPA TV essentially booted the top-rated “SuperXclusivo” show and its puppet host (yes, its puppet host) La Comay in response to the show’s anti-gay, yellow journalism platform (seriously, just read this), there were rumors that La Comay and actor Kobbo Santarrosa would eventually come on back on air. Most of those rumors were just test balloons to see if Puerto Rico was ready to welcome the one character that has ruined the lives of many (if you only knew), but now, close to five years later, local reports from Wednesday are saying that La Comay will be back with a new show in January on Mega TV.

According to reports, Mega TV is hoping to premiere a new “La Comay” show that will be broadcast both in Puerto Rico and the United States. A contract was signed on Wednesday, the reports said.

The new show, called “La Comay” will be both a television and radio show. It will be produced from Puerto Rico.

Our reaction to this news?

Mega TV is owned by Spanish Broadcasting System, a Miami-based company.

We really doubt that we will be seeing a “gentler and kinder” Comay, by the way.

Guess that anti-gay is back in. Or maybe it never ever really left and people were just wanting for time to pass before making a comeback.

Lessons learned?

Probably not.

UPDATE, December 20: Here is what Santarrossa and SBS’ CEO said in a press release:

“It is exciting for me to join the great Spanish Broadcasting System team, MegaTV, and with great enthusiasm and humility I reach this new step in my career with the opportunity to entertain and inform the Hispanic community in the United States and Puerto Rico,” said Antulio “Kobbo” Santarrosa.

“The arrival of Antulio “Kobbo” Santarrosa to SBS is another reason for celebration for our company. I am sure his return to television and now to radio and our digital platform, LaMusica will be a success in Puerto Rico and the United States. The talent and creativity of Mr. Santarrosa adds another unique and iconic voice to our SBS family,” said Raúl Alarcón Chairman, CEO of SBS.