Our Navidad List Is a Simple One: Pitch Latino Rebels With Your Story or Video Ideas

Dec 24, 2018
11:00 AM

Can you believe the 2019 will be the 8th year of existence for Latino Rebels? Yeah, we started this page in May of 2011, and it’s been an amazing journey, one filled with both successes and not so fun moments. When this site was first formed, we deeply believed in a creating a place that was honest, real and unfiltered, one that didn’t answer to anyone, didn’t follow the latest trends or felt pressured to be the “it” thing.

That type of attitude has helped us in a lot of ways. Every day at Latino Rebels, we don’t wake up with an established editorial plan. We write about what we want to write and we publish what we want to publish. As we continue to grow, we will never forget our roots—the voices of our community.

We are deeply proud that since 2011, Latino Rebels has published the voices of more than 430 individuals and organizations. We have seen several of those voices start with us and end up working in other major media outlets. Many have come and gone (and we miss them all), but for every voice that has moved on to other opportunities, there are new voices pitching us every day.

As we close out 2018, we promise to never ignore these new voices.

So this is where you come in. If you are a creative, a journalist, a photogapher, an organization, a musician, a producer or just someone who has an opinion, pitch us. If we like what you pitch (and 99% of the time, we do), we will publish you, and depending on the nature of the pitch, we will compensate you. (Thanks to Futuro Media, our new owners.)

No pitch is a bad one. So take a moment below and enter your pitch. Or if you don’t have one now, email us at rebeldes@latinorebels.com or hit us up on our Contact page. And yeah, we promise to never share your information with anyone. We are journalists, and we stand by it.

Our goal in the end is to add another 25-50 new voices to our site next year. That’s our wish for Navidad.

Now go. Enjoy your tamales (or pasteles), and have the happiest of holidays.

We’ll see you after Navidad.