Will a (Very) Early Endorsement of Kamala Harris by Dolores Huerta Even Matter to Young Latino Voters?

Feb 16, 2019
11:49 AM

To be honest, we kind of expected how our Latino Rebels community would react to the Friday news that Latina labor rights icon Dolores Huerta has already endorsed Senator Kamala Harris for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

If there is one thing about our online community, they are very connected to the machinations of Latino politics and the electorate. With that said, we’re going to share what several of them commented Friday night about Huerta’s endorsement:

like for Hillary… i just… so early? Before a debate? Why? There are more people declaring…. ?”

“In other words, ‘Latinos are so stupid, they will vote for the person Huerta endorses.;
Harris has a shady past. She’s the DNC’s ‘chosen one,’ just like Hillary. She never prosecuted cops, and didn’t fire her assistant after sexual harassment complaints were filed against him.”

“Isn’t this awfully premature?”

“I like Harris right now, but by no means am I prepared to make a choice. I guess everyone’s ramping up early, but it’s foolhardy to endorse anyone until we see their game plan.”

“Like several people above have mentioned, the fact that this occurred before any debates, or before the contest has even begun, shows there is something else at work here.”

“This is so disappointing but not surprising. She also unequivocally endorsed HRC early on and smearing anyone who ran against her. It doesn’t negate Huerta’s years of revolutionary activism, but it’s sad to see.”

No one gives a damn. Kamala ain’t foolin’ Nobody?”

“Dolores, we have to back our own people, Latino or Latina!”

“Her endorsement really means little but the fact she will get in the way of a progressive seeking food justice, medicare for all, college for all so she can support the corporate establishment neoliberal.”

“oh here we go again … as much as I respect her lifelong work, she lost me when she lied and slandered Sanders in 2016 and she’s jumping right back on board the establishment bandwagon.”

“Don’t even bother endorsing on your former reputation! These fools used you like a doormat and weren’t even worth it! Mejor cállate, sit back and watch what comes before you see what they do for the people and uses your name -for someone so lista how can you not see your being a puppet ??‍♀️”

There was one pro-Dolores, pro-Harris comment though:

“This is a great endorsement for Kamala. People can pick and choose the parts of her record that fit their narrative but it’s telling to see people that truly know her whole record endorsing her.”

As for Twitter, here is what people tweeted to us:

Last election cycle, Huerta, who was an active supporter of Hillary Clinton, ruffled some feathers during the Nevada Caucus, after claiming that Bernie Sanders supporters were screaming “English only” during a vote.

We spoke to Huerta about it back then:

As for the endorsement of Harris, Huerta said this:

“I have spent my career advocating for workers’ rights, immigrants’ rights, women’s rights, and on behalf of the LBGTQ community because I believe our country is only as great as the opportunities we afford all our communities. Senator Kamala Harris is the right leader to expand those opportunities as president, and I am proud to endorse her.”

Our take?

It’s a simple one: we will always respect and celebrate Huerta for her activism and contributions. She was a pionera before there were pioneras. And she can endorse anyone she wants. But from the looks of it, there are plenty of young Latinos and Latinas who don’t think the endorsement will mean anything or move the needle in any direction. There are also plenty of other prominent community figures out there who have yet to weigh on this election. It is early days for sure, and the Harris campaign should obviously know that it has several issues to contend with, especially when it comes regarding Brown and Black communities.

Let the process begin.