Televisa’s Yessica Rosales Does a ‘Parody’ Brownface of Yalitza Aparicio and Then Has No Idea Why It’s So Problematic

Mar 3, 2019
6:55 PM

UPDATE, March 4, 4:50pmET, Televisa has responded to the social media reaction, as the Associated Press reported:

In an email to The Associated Press, Televisa spokesman Alejandro Olmos said the network strongly condemns any form of racism or discrimination. “We do not believe that the production of ‘La Parodia’ engages in this type of practice,” Olmos said in Spanish.

But Olmos said some of the comments were made in “bad taste” and will be edited from the show.


So the fabulous @miblogestublog posted the following tweets earlier on Sunday, showing Yessica Rosales of Televisa’s La Parodia (parody show, for those asking) dressed in brownface as Mexican indigenous actress Yalitza Aparicio, accepting a parody Oscar with a parody Alfonso Cuarón:

Apparently, Rosales’ Yalitza brownface is a thing and is actively being promoted by La Parodia:

And Rosales’ Instagram has other examples of her Yalitzia brownface character:


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This is the part where we remind you that this type of attitude by Mexican television is normal AF in Mexico (sad), since Rosales’ Twitter is actually RTing tweets from people who are defending her brownface character:

In addition, Rosales is tweeting her defense with memes on her Twitter, saying that her parody knows no colors (yes, seriously):

She also tweeted that well, other people have down brownface and blackface in the past, so what’s the big deal?

But most other people know the problem here:

Listen up: brownface and blackface are serious issues in Latin American media. For this who will tell us that this is just a “joke” and that people should “relax,” see what happens when people in Latin American actually speak out. And don’t get us started on the fact that the Televisa culture permeates even here in the United States. Who remembers when a former Univision host compared Michelle Obama to Planet of the Apes? Or what about Telemundo’s racism during last year’s World Cup?

AND, we will remind you all that the Oscar-nominated Aparicio has been the subject of racism and more racism over the past few weeks.

When does this all stop?

When more and more people start speaking out, no matter where they live.