Less Than Two Weeks After El Paso Massacre, Fox Nation Host Compares Undocumented Immigrants to Nazis

Aug 15, 2019
11:25 AM

Via a Wednesday tweet by Jason Campbell of Media Matters, here is a clip of of what Fox Nation host Todd Starnes said. Mind you, these comments happened less than two weeks after the El Paso Massacre. And then we wonder HOW could a domestic terrorist be inspired to drive hours to murder people in a border city?

“I do believe that we have been invaded by a horde. A rampaging horde of illegal aliens. This has been a slow-moving invasion,” Starnes said.

Then he added this:

“When you go back in time and when you look at what an invasion is. Whether it is the Nazis invading France and western Europe. I mean, whether the Muslims were invading a country back in the early years. It was an invasion.”

Hit it, Gollum.