Racist Georgia Man Screams at Young Latina Woman to ‘Speak English’ in Savannah McDonald’s (VIDEO)

Sep 25, 2019
9:50 AM

UPDATE, September 27: The man in the video, identified as Walter Browning, was fired by the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. Browning worked there as a maintenance mechanic.

Once again, there’s yet another video of a racist person (he even says it in the video) telling someone to not speak Spanish in public. The following video, originally posted Saturday on Facebook by Sheila Camacho is hard to watch (several F bombs), but you need ot watch it. It happened at a local McDonald’s in Savannah, Georgia.


We did our best to transcribe the exchange between the man and the young Latina woman who was filming him:

Man: Ain’t no f•cking way. I worked 50, 60 years here to build this f•cking country. What’d you do? You come in a f•cking boat?
Young Woman: Oh, I did, I came in a f•cking boat. At least I can afford…
Man: Shut up! Shut up! Shut the f•ck up!
Young Woman: I’m videoing this.
Man: Do it.
Young Woman: You’re a racist.
Man: I know I am.
Young Woman: You’re a racist.
Man: I know I am.
Young Woman: And you shouldn’t be part of that. You shouldn’t be.
Man: Speak English.
Young Woman: Nah… (scoffs) I’m speaking with my friends! You f•cking racist!
Man: I know I am. Me. That’s me.
Young Woman: Me dice que hable en inglés. [He’s telling me to speak English.]
Manager: Am going to ask you to leave…
Young Woman: Yeah, you’re going to leave. If you can’t tolerate me, you’re going to leave.
Manager: Ok, so we’re not going to have all this…
Young Woman: You’re going to leave.
Manager: Alright?
Man: Cool. Give me my food.

The video was accompanied by Camacho’s Facebook post, whose public post identifies the young woman as Kiki:

This f•cker is talking to my Ecuadorian niece!!!
She goes to SCAD, a design school in Georgia.
This is an interaction she had this evening, in a restaurant
The man told her to ‘speak English’
F•ck racism.
I’m so sorry Kiki
I’m embarrassed to be American

Feel free to share
Let’s shame and embarrass this f•cker and anyone who thinks like him!!
This is not who we are!!

Latino Rebels reached out to Camacho to see if her niece would like to share more details about the incident. LR also plans to contact McDonald’s as well. There is also a Twitter thread that uploaded Camacho’s video.

Here we go again?

Stay tuned for updates.