Sheriff’s Office Fires Racist Georgia Man Caught on Video Cursing at Young Latina to ‘Speak English’

Sep 27, 2019
7:54 AM

So the self-proclaimed racist Georgia man who told a young Latina woman to “speak English” in a profanity-laced video at a local Savannah McDonald’s is now out of a job.

Savannah Now reported the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office fired Walter Browning, a maintenance mechanic for the county sheriff, was fired on Wednesday morning, once Chatham County Sheriff John T. Wilcher found out about the video and the investigation surrounding it.

“The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office is going to distance ourself from people like this. We’re not going to tolerate it and that’s the end of the subject,” Wilcher said at a Thursday morning press conference.

The McDonald’s video, which happened last Saturday, showed Browning verbally assaulting Cristina Riofrio for speaking Spanish. Sheila Camacho, Riofrio’s aunt, posted the video on her Facebook. Latino Rebels reached out to Camacho this week and she confirmed that Riofrio is ok and safe. We have asked Riofrio for an interview, and she has expressed interest in reaching out to us.