Immigrant Youth File Historic Video Amicus Brief Ahead of Supreme Court DACA Hearing

Oct 7, 2019
9:48 AM

On Monday morning, immigrant rights group United We Dream (UWD) announced that it was launching a series of video biographies and stories of 27 recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) as part if of a historic amicus brief filed directly with the Supreme Court in preparation for the November 12th hearing on what UWD called “Trump’s unlawful termination of the program.”

“As part of the Home Is Here campaign, the series captures the journeys, struggles, and successes of United We Dream members from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and elsewhere who now live in Florida, Oregon, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland, California, and across the nation,” a UWD release noted.

The full amicus brief is below:

UWD also posted some of the video biographies. Here are five of them:

Manny’s Story

Angelica’s Story

Maricruz’s Story

Taz’s Story