There’s a 2020 Official Latinos for Trump Group for the President’s Campaign: Here Are All Their Bios

Oct 24, 2019
4:21 PM

In case you may or may not know, there is an official Latinos for Trump group that is part of President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. This group has already been trolling Joe Biden’s Latino voter outreach, so it is pretty likely that this group will continue to be more public.

Who is on the team right now? Well, we already told you about José Carrión III, the head of Puerto Rico’s fiscal board, but here is a list of the entire advisory board along with their bios, which we needed to search for since they weren’t listed yet on the official Latinos for Trump page.

Jeannette Nuñez is Florida’s current Lieutenant Governor. Her full bio is here. She was born and raised in Miami.

Maggie Paláu-Hernández is listed as a Dierctor on the Herbalife Nutrition page. Part of her bio reads: “Margarita Paláu-Hernández, nominated by the President of the United States to serve as United States Representative to the United Nations General Assembly 73rd Session with the rank of Ambassador, is the founder and chief executive officer of Hernandez Ventures, a private firm engaged in the acquisition and management of a variety of business interests. Ms. Paláu-Hernández is committed to community engagement and leveraging that experience to help Herbalife Nutrition deliver on its mission of helping people live healthy active lifestyles.”

Alfredo Ortiz is President and CEO of Job Creators Network (JCN). “He has testified before legislative committees about the impact of bad government policy on job creation, and speaks frequently to business organizations across the nation about the need for job creators to seize responsibility for defending free enterprise, both in the communities where they live and the communities they’ve created—their workplaces,” part of his bio reads.

Katrina Campins lists herself on Twitter as a “Real Estate Mogul/TV Personality over $1 Billion SOLD! 1st Season: Trump’s ‘The Apprentice’ + E! Hot Listings Miami + Fox News + Donald Trump’s Surrogate.” This is her IMDb page. She was born in Florida.

Monica Yelin is from Arizona. She is listed as a Member at Large for the Maricopa County Republican Committee. Her bio says the following: “Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Monica Yelin is a lifelong conservative and passionate supporter of the Republican Platform. Eager to explore new opportunities, Monica immigrated to the United States in 1998 with a J-1 Work Visa, coupled with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and unbridled ambition.”

Mario Rodriguez is a founding member of the Hispanic 100. Part of his bio states: “In 1986 Mario Rodriguez implemented his entrepreneurial skills by establishing Jonathan Grey & Associates, a leading Hispanic-owned consulting and promotional products & ad specialty company. His clientele includes various Fortune 500 companies, sports agencies, political firms, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.” It also says this: “Mario was selected to serve as a member of President George W. Bush’s Commission to Strengthen Social Security, and was elected as the Vice Chairman of the California Republican Party from 2003 to 2005. In 2004, he served as the Regional Chairman for the Bush/Cheney Presidential Campaign.”

Bertica Cabrera Morris is the founder of BCM Consulting. Part of her bio states: “Cabrera Morris was born in Havana, Cuba as the daughter of the presidents of the heavy equipment firm Massey-Ferguson.  It isn’t surprising she loves business and politics, she has been involved directly or indirectly since she was a child.  One of the most direct effects of political change in her life came when her family fled Cuba to escape Castro’s communist regime. After fleeing Cuba, her family spent time in Madrid, Spain and eventually settled in Glendale, California. During her time in Glendale, Morris learned English as her second language, and fell in love with democracy, Ronald Reagan and the United States.”

Lourdes Aguirre has a bio on Twitter, which states: “President of UMS Advisory Board Member of Latinos For Trump Campaign Blessed Hispanic Leader Ready to serve POTUS and White House with Faith Based Initiatives.” Her business page is located in Miami.

Mario Bramnick is Chairman of the Board and President of the Latino Coalition For Israel. Part of his bio reads: “Mario Bramnick graduated with honors from the University of Miami in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Degree and with a Juris Doctorate Degree of Law from the University of Miami in 1982.  He has practiced law in the field of Commercial Law and Civil  Litigation.Mr. Bramnick was born in Cuba and is fluent in English and Spanish. Mr. Bramnick is Chairman of the Board and President of the Latino Coalition for Israel, with a vision to establish the largest Hispanic Pro-Israel organization in America to combat the Global rise of Antisemitism and raise awareness of the critical intersection of Israel and America’s future.”

Juan Carlos Benitez is President and Chairman of the Board for the Latte Training Academy. Part of his bio states, “An accomplished attorney, Juan Carlos Benitez has established his knowledge in fields that range from national defense and U.S, territorial matters to economic development and social education. For the past 14 years, Juan Carlos Benitez has served as president of the Washington Pacific Economic Development Group. Headquartered in Hagatna, Guam, this organization is committed to assisting its clients to maximize available federal funds for promising projects in the U.S. Territories. Among its accomplishments include helping Catholic Social Services secure a critical $100,000 grant.”

Jesus Marquez is listed as a Political Consultant at MG Strategies in Las Vegas, “a consulting firm that can help your campaign or organization achieve your goals and victories,” according to its Facebook page. A link to its official URL takes you to a GoDaddy page. Marquez is active on Twitter.

Elisa Slider is chairwoman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly’s (RNHA) Nevada branch. A RNHA bio states, “Elisa Slider is the daughter of a Cuban-American whose family fled to the United States of America during the Castro regime’s rise to power. Inspired by her family’s struggle and witnessing the torment caused by socialism, she stepped up as a voice for Hispanics in Las Vegas, Nevada. Slider stated that prior to the First Republican Candidate Forum, the Republican party in Nevada barely conducted any Hispanic outreach. Elisa Slider and the Republican National Hispanic Assembly are stepping up to fill the void.”

Pasqual Urrabazo is an Associate Pastor at the International Church of Las Vegas (ICLV), according to the Latino Coalition for Israel. Part of his bio states, “He serves the Las Vegas community at several levels including working with the Mayor’s Faith Initiative for addictions, and as part of a special crisis team working with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  He is on the Board of Directors for National Latina /Latino Commission, and is also Vice-President of Church Growth for National Latina / Latino Commission, a non-profit since 1984. Pastor Pasqual Urrabazo is cousin to Rev. Eve Nunez.  He has recently been named to the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, representing the Hispanic community in national government affairs.”

Alonzo Baldonado is a New Mexico state representative. Part of his bio reads, “Alonzo serves on the House Education Committee and often is a leader in reforming our methods of educating the next generation.  His work on five interim committees keeps Alonzo plugged in with issues that affect the people of New Mexico. Since being elected, Alonzo has had the honor of serving as Republican Caucus Chair, and most recently as House Majority Whip. Being part of the leadership team in the House gives Alonzo an opportunity to work across the aisle to advance the great state of New Mexico.”

Juan D. Reyes is a partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP. His current bio is here. Part of it reads, “In 2017, Mr. Reyes accepted an opportunity to serve the federal government in the position of Acting Administrator and Chief Counsel of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), and senior advisor and counsel to the Build America Bureau of the U.S. Department of Transportation. During his tenure as Acting Administrator, Mr. Reyes oversaw the agency’s staff of 950 and its $3 billion budget. He was the principal legal advisor to the FRA on all U.S. passenger and freight rail matters, including safety regulations, legislation, research, and development. Mr. Reyes managed a legal department of 50 attorneys and provided executive direction to its two other divisions, the general law division and the safety law division.” In 2012, Reyes ran for state senate in New York. He didn’t win.

Ramiro Peña is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ the King Baptist Church of Waco. Part of his bio reads, “The church has a television ministry in both English and Spanish that reaches all 50 states and 249 countries. The Lord has used him to help plant 14 other churches in Texas, Mexico, Cuba and India since 1991. He currently serves on the Faith Initiative for President Donald J. Trump and served on the National Hispanic Advisory Council to Presidential candidate Donald Trump.”

Betty Cardenas is National Chairwoman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA). Part of her bio states, “Betty is constantly under attack for her conservative values and her bold Second Amendment stance. Her core principals of faith, family and hard work are deeply rooted in Texas. Betty brings a mix of numerous achievements, such as working with governors, senators, and mayors, foreign Intelligence officers, international affairs and global platforms. She earned a Political Science Degree and a minor in Computer Science from UNIVA (a private Christian University).

Although her professional experience and strength include a diversity of interests; her drive to serve the Hispanic community was reignited during the 2016 Presidential elections. Betty could no longer stand on the sideline and watch how her community was getting misled and misinformed by the left-wing mainstream media. She felt an urgency to reach out to the Hispanic community. Betty also worked for President Donald J. Trump’s campaign to get the Hispanic votes in Texas. She tops the list of Hispanics most personally invited by the President of the United States to the White House. Betty was among last year’s Tribute to Women by the Texas Federation of Republican Women (one out of ten thousand members).”

José Carrión III is this guy. He is Chairman and Member of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico. Part of his bio reads, “José B. Carrión III is President and Principal Partner of HUB International CLC, LLC, a position he has held since 2012. Mr. Carrión co-founded the independent insurance brokerage of Carrión, Laffitte & Casellas, Inc. in 2001 and was its President until 2012, when it was sold to HUB International. From 1995 to 2001, Mr. Carrión was affiliated with AON Risk Services of Puerto Rico and was the firm’s President from 2000 to 2001. In Puerto Rico, from 2009 to 2012, Mr. Carrión served as the Chairman of the Board for the Corporación del Seguro del Estado (Workers Compensation Board).”

Rick Figueroa is a Texas Republican. Part of his bio reads, “Rick currently serves on the Outreach Committee for the National Rifle Association and is also a board member for Hispanic 100, an organization dedicated to sharing free market principles in Hispanic communities across the nation.

Rick has been actively involved in Republican politics for over a decade. He currently serves as a precinct chair, has been a national convention delegate, and is co-chair of the Republican Party of Texas’ New Leaders on the Rise Committee. Rick was proud to serve as a member of both President Trumps National Coalition of Hispanic leaders and his Texans for Trump leadership team. Throughout the campaign, Rick often served as a speaking surrogate for President Trump on news agencies such as MSNBC, CNN, and at live rallies. Rick lives on a ranch in Brenham, Texas with his wife and four children.”

Matthew Gomez lists himself as a “Texas bred shooter, God fearing, Political advisor” on Instagram. He is also listed as a Vice President of Gomez recently did a firearm safety talk that Latinos for Trump posted (The video has since been deleted.)