Mexican-American Singer Renee Goust Performs New Take on Her Feminist Single for Live From Latino USA (VIDEO)

Dec 2, 2019
5:43 PM
Originally published at Latino USA

When Mexican-American folk-pop singer and songwriter Renee Goust got called “feminazi” on YouTube, she decided to do something about it. She composed “La Cumbia Feminazi” in 2016 as a response—a statement declaring the right to speak up for women.

In this edition of our series Live From Latino USA, Goust teamed up with Mexican rapper Audry Funk, Latin Grammy-nominated singer Sonia De Los Santos and guitarist Diego Cebollero for a unique take on her feminist anthem.

Production and sound engineering for this video was done by Jeanne Montalvo, camera and videography was done by Amanda Alcántara.


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