New Poll: Young Latino Policy Choices Reflect Elders With Important Differences

Dec 19, 2019
10:54 AM
Originally published at Latino Decisions

(Photo by Bill Wechter/AFP/Getty Images)

By Adrian D. Pantoja

One of the primary ways to win the hearts and minds of young Latinos is by campaigning on issues that matter most to them. In the survey derived from The Latino Community Foundation, respondents were asked to list “the most important issues facing your community that you think Congress and the President should address.”

This table lists the top ten policy issues for young Latinos in California. In an earlier analysis of the data, these 10 issues emerge as important for all respondents in the survey. However, what is distinct among young Latino voters is that the ranking of these issues differs.

For example, access to affordable housing is the most pressing issue for young Latino voters, while lowering health care costs is the most pressing issue for older Latino voters. Protecting immigrant rights ranks second among younger Latinos, while this issue ranks fourth among older Latinos. The relative importance of immigration issues may be due to the fact that 52 percent of young Latinos say they have a family member or close friend who is undocumented, while only 24 percent of Latinos 50 years and older know someone in that situation.

The policy issues of young Latino voters relative to older Latino voters are more alike than different, yet candidates targeting young Latinos should prioritize issues surrounding access to affordable housing and immigration reform.


Adrian D. Pantoja is a Professor of Politics at Pitzer College and Senior Analyst for Latino Decisions