#DignidadLiteraria Responds to Oprah Winfrey’s Call for a Conversation About AMERICAN DIRT

Jan 28, 2020
8:16 PM

On Tuesday, #DignidadLiteraria organizers issued the following statement in response to announcement that Oprah Winfrey is planning for an Apple TV+ conversation that looks into the controversy from American Dirt, a novel . The statement calls for those voices who have raised the issue about the many problems in the publishing to be seriously considered for the Apple TV+ event.

The statement also added that Winfrey’s conversation should focus more on the problems of the publishing industry (yes, it is beyond white). #DignidadLiteraria also encouraged Winfrey to invite them to the event. It also cited a Latino Rebels’ report about Oprah’s Book Club diversity record.

Editor’s Not: One of the members of #DignidadLiteraria is Roberto Lovato, a contributor to Latino Rebels.