Latest Telemundo Nevada Polls Says Biden and Sanders Are in ‘Virtual Tie’ for Latino Vote

Feb 18, 2020
9:19 AM

Photos of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders this past weekend in Las Vegas (Photos by Gage Skidmore/Biden CREDIT/Sanders CREDIT)

A new poll released Tuesday by Telemundo of likely Latino voters in Nevada said that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders top the list, days before the state’s February 22 Democratic caucuses.

The “Telemundo Poll: State of the Latino Vote in Nevada” poll placed Biden and Sanders “in a statistical tie for Nevada’s Latino vote,” a Telemundo media release noted. According to the poll, Biden got 34% of Latino support, with Sanders getting 31%. The margin is within the poll’s +/- 5.3% margin of error. The biggest difference? Biden has support of older Latino voters (39%), while Sanders has support of younger Latino voters (43%).

“This narrow margin could be detrimental to Biden, who will need a much higher level of support from Latinos to become the Democratic party’s presidential nominee,” the released added.

The Telemundo poll showed different results from those of a Monday Data for Progress poll, which said that Sanders got 66% support of Nevada Latinos.

Tuesday’s “State of the Latino Vote in Nevada” poll also asked about the general election and Donald Trump, noting that “64% of likely Latino voters in Clark County and 71% of female likely Latino voters statewide are ready to vote Trump out of office.”

Another finding said that “almost a quarter of the population surveyed, regardless of party, think that President Trump is paying more attention to the issues that affect the Latino community than all other candidates, with the exception of Bernie Sanders.”

The poll also asked Latino voters about Donald Trump and his performance as president. According to the poll, 32% of likely Latino voters in Nevada for the 2020 general election approve of the President’s job. Of the Latinos who identified as Republican, that approval rating is at 87%, when compared to 8% with Democrats and 38% with Independents.

The Telemundo poll also noted that an “overwhelming majority of respondents feel better or the same about the state of our economy since President Trump took office in 2016.”

The “Telemundo Poll: State of the Latino Vote in Nevada” was conducted from February 10 to February 12, 2020. The poll’s demographics skewed heavily Democratic, with just 131 Latino Republicans in Nevada surveyed.

“A total of 625 registered Hispanic voters statewide were interviewed live by telephone in Nevada about statewide issues and the general election questions. All indicated they were likely to vote in the 2020 election. Those interviewed were randomly selected from a phone-matched Nevada voter registration list that included both land-line and cell phone numbers. The margin of error for these questions is +/- 4 percentage points. The survey also includes an over-sampling of 362 Latino Democrats, who indicated they were likely to vote in the state’s February 22 Democratic caucus. These voters were only asked questions relative to the caucus and not statewide issues/general election. The margin of sample for these results is +/- 5.3 percentage points,” the release noted.

The poll did not provide breakdowns on voters who were Spanish-dominant. When Latino Rebels reached out to Telemundo for this data, it shared the following:

“The questionnaire was translated into both English and Spanish (Spanish translation provided by Telemundo). The survey was administered by bilingual interviewers. They offered respondents option of which language they preferred to take it in. In the overall voter poll, 393 (63%) took the survey in English and 232 (37%) took the survey in Spanish. In the survey of likely Democratic Caucus voters 232 (64%) took the survey in English 130 (36%) took the survey in Spanish.”

Here is the full poll: