How Dominicans Are Protesting Across the Globe

Feb 25, 2020
5:55 PM

Since February 16, when municipal elections were abruptly canceled in the Dominican Republic, thousands have taken to the streets in protest almost daily. What started as a group of dozens on February 17 has turned into thousands in the cities and towns across the country, with the largest manifestation being in Santo Domingo. Protesters’ demands include an investigation into the cancellation and consequences for anyone responsible, amid fraud allegations.

As the pressure for answers continues to mount, Dominicans on the island aren’t the only ones taking a stand. The Diaspora has joined in too, including one protest that brought out thousands in Washington Heights. Here at Latino Rebels, we’ve decided to highlight some of these manifestations here.

From New York City to Prague, here’s how Dominicans are taking a stand across the globe.

New York City


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(You can read more about the protest in Tampa, Fl here)



Los Angeles

Puerto Rico



Mexico City





La Spezia



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A lo largo de la historia de la República Dominicana han sido muchos los hombres y mujeres que han entregado su vida para que hoy podamos disfrutar de un país LIBRE. No dejemos que un grupo de dinosaurios tomen el poder y destruyan lo que tanto ha costado a nuestros héroes nacionales. Es tiempo de salir a las calles de forma pacífica a exigir que se cumplan y respeten las leyes y la Constitución de nuestra república. Es tiempo de salir del atraso institucional en el que estamos sumergidos y sacar los gobernantes que tenemos. No permitamos que tomen lo que nos pertenece como Dominicanos y dejen sin futuro las demás generaciones. Yo estoy lejos pero mi corazón está con ustedes, los que creemos en un cambio para todos ?? ❤️ #RepublicaDominicana #DominicanRepublic #elecciones2020 #JCE #PaFueraLaJunta

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We’re sure there’s more where these came from, so please, tag us on Twitter @LatinoRebels with any demonstrations that stood out to you.

In the meantime, on Instagram, an illustrator known as Jarul got creative when making space for those who are far away or unable to protest, to put out their message online. He created a template for those to use and share on social media. Here’s how:

Protests across the globe are expected to continue, with some planned for Thursday, February 27.


Amanda Alcántara is the Digital Media Editor at Futuro Media. She tweets from @YoSoy_Amanda.