#LatinoRebels10: From 2018, When Elementary School Teachers Dressed Up as a Trump Border Wall

May 14, 2021
2:24 PM

Illustration by Alex Charner

For this eighth installment of #LatinoRebels10 in celebration of Latino Rebels’ 10th anniversary, we look back to a story from 2018 when elementary teachers from Idaho dressed up as a border wall for Halloween. For more installments, click here.

Why, Idaho school teachers, why? This story all started with an email back around Halloween, 2018:

I am from Nampa, ID. Last night, myself and many others saw horrifying images posted on a local elementary school’s Facebook page. Teachers and staff dressed themselves up as the “wall” with the words “Make America Great Again” and stereotypical costumes portraying Mexicans. I share this with you because we have a large Latinx community and I can only imagine how the students feel seeing their teachers act out in such a manner.

The school is Middleton Elementary School.

We checked it and yup, it was real. Like really real.

The story, as you might imagine, took off with our community, so much so that we did a follow-up Latino Rebels Radio show back in 2019:

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Will it ever end?