Kobbo Santarrosa Confirms His Resignation from WAPA’s “SuperXclusivo”

This morning Puerto Rico’s Noticel reported that TV personality Kobbo Santarrosa, the creator of the controversial “La Comay” puppet host of WAPA TV’s “SuperXclusivo” show, has confirmed that he indeed did resign from WAPA because he felt that he was being censored.


The reason? According to Noticel, Santarrosa said that WAPA management was censoring him by requiring that all his shows to be pre-recorded instead of being broadcast live. WAPA president Joe Ramos made this decision on a December 20 segment of HuffPost Live.

The Noticel story continues by saying that WAPA TV still has not revealed what it will do with the 6-7 pm time slot nor what will happen to the show. Last night, WAPA had to run a repeat on Monday’s show.

Noticel also said that Santarrosa was “upset with the network” after a having a meeting with WAPA management. Latino Rebels, which was the first English-language outlet to report about Santarrosa’s resignation last night, continues to leave messages with WAPA to get more details from them about this story, but we have yet to hear back from the network.

This latest news comes just a month after a “Boicot a la Comay” Facebook page was formed on December 4 to protest comments made by Santarrosa’s Comay character and co-host Héctor Travieso regarding the death of publicist José Enrique Gómez. According to the boycott page, over 45 companies have pulled their advertising from the show.

Noticel added that another source confirmed that it was “absolutely true that (Kobbo) was upset.”

As for the boycott? According to what LGBT activist Pedro Julio Serrano told Noticel, the movement will not stop until WAPA confirms that “SuperXclusivo” is being taken off the air.

This is a developing story, and if we hear back from WAPA, we will share their response.

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Deida says:

” Me queria morir de la risa con ese programa. Aunque creo que a veces se le pasaba la mano.”

Tal vez WAPA ahora use el espacio para los muy respetados y honorados violadores de niños.

guillermo ocampo says:

la compania de guapa tv no tiene ningun valor sin la comai adelante cobo

guillermo ocampo says:

la compania de guapa sin la comai es un cero a la isquierda

Wilfredoooo says:

Wapa TV will lose audience . I was the first one to change the channel today because there is no comay. Joe Ramos president of wapa tv 1plus 1 equals 2 reason wapa America increased audience was because la comay. Your view shows are from 1990 we are in 2013. Be realistic you only have 3 live show 1 enter nosotras. 2 news. 3 show medio dia. We live in US if you don’t have the resources to provide a good show your audience will be gone . Remember this is your bread and butter. Reason I chose bright house in Orlando is because la comay . I will no longer need. Bright house. This means less. Viewer less revenue Be smart. Re hire this guy back your channel will suffer economically. Everything here is about revenues………

jannette a says:

Este es un show muy completo. Por medio de el tenemos prensa muy bien explicada, comedia , y sobre todo JUSTICE (justicia) ella hace lo que el departamento de justicia no hizo en los ultimos anos. LUEGO no se Quejen cuando quieran que alguien saque la cara por ustedes, y de gratis. Soy fiel seguidora de superexclusivo. P.R. necesita mas del Sr. Kobbo Santarrosa que el de P.R. he dicho”.