Yes, Senator Rubio, When It Comes to Immigration, You’re Just Another Brown Face to the Nativists

And so it begins. We got this one from Univison News’ Jordan Fabian. Apparently those on the nativist side no longer love Florida senator Marco Rubio. As Fabian writes:

There’s evidence that the efforts by Rubio and others have paid off. But there are still vocal elements of the conservative base that remain pitted against the plan.

Alex Pappas of the Daily Caller flagged these buttons that were reportedly handed out on Capitol Hill on Friday.

Very subtle, indeed.

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

We told you, Senator Rubio, that this was going to happen. Welcome to our world.

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DignityPeace says:

Funny to watch Rubio take it from every side.  He is historically anti-immigration, but gets anointed by his party as a token Latino to push the immigration issue for them.  He sees political opportunity and has designs to be the 2016 presidential nominee, so he takes the role.  Now, the man elected as a tea party darling gets labeled as a “RINO”  He plays both sides and takes it from both sides. Such is the life of an opportunist.