Twitter Goes Ballistic About Mexican American Boy Singing National Anthem at NBA Finals

UPDATE: Sebastien de la Cruz responded to the haters with 100% class.

This one came from the Tumblr page of Public Shaming, and it is yet another racist example of how anti-Latino hatred runs deep in the social media world of the United States of America.

Last night in San Antonio before Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Heat and the Spurs, 11-year-old Sebastien de la Cruz sang the national anthem. de la Cruz, known as “El Charro de Oro,” gained national fame last year when he rocked NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” with his voice and presence. The kids has chops, and do we even have to say that de la Cruz is a native of San Antonio, meaning that he is American?

Here is what the Twitter Ignorati had to saw about this boy’s amazing performance.







You can read more hate at Public Shaming’s Tumblr, but seriously? And you wonder why Latinos are done with this crap.

Fact: de la Cruz is a talent, he is a proud American, and he sang the national anthem with grace and dignity, qualities that maybe the Twitter Ignorati should practice more.


You know it's time the Gringos went back to whatever country they came from before they defiled God's land.  And it's a shame the Mayflower that brought the puritanical idiots to these shores did not sink!

AdrianGarcia1 1 Like

wow i cant believe this is happening.... but i can tell you one thing for sure if i was this kid's parent i would teach this ignorants a big lesson. i would hire someone to do an investigation search for ip addresses and cellphone DNA's then sue their asses

i dont care how much it would cost me.

LawrenceBroLanLedbetter 1 Like

The only ones who are really Americans are the ones who were here first.   The rest of us all are aliens  

AshleysFreelanceEditing 1 Like

Ok, so I am no seeing why there are so many people upset and "up in arms" about 11-year-old Sebestian de la Cruz singing the national anthem.  He sung wonderfully.  He is an American.  If everyone wants to get all racist and upset saying someone is not American just because they have another country in their blood, then no one is an American.