Hashtags Focusing on Venezuela Continue to Tell Extremely Different Narratives

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rikimaru says:

The anti-religious but, http://dokterpoker.org/app/img/peraturan.html above all, anti-Christian efforts which distinguish the present epoch have a character of concentration and universality which marks the stamp of the Jew, the supreme patron of the unification of peoples, because he is the cosmopolitan people par http://www.cintaberita.com excellence; because http://dokterpoker.org/app/img/jadwal.html the Jew prepares by license of the libre-pensÇe, the era called by him ‘Messianic’ – the day of his universal triumph. He attributes its near realization to the http://dokterpoker.org/app/img/promo.html principles spread by the philosophers http://www.cintaberita.com of the eighteenth century; the men at once unbelievers and cabalists, whose “http://dokterpoker.org/app/img/panduan.html work prepared the Judaising of the world. The character of universality will be noted in L’Alliance-isrÇlite-universelle, in the Universal Association of Freemasonry, and in the more recent auxiliaries, L’Alliance-universelle-religieuse, http://dokterpoker.orgopen to those who are still frightened off by the name of Israelite and finally in the Ligue-universelle de l’enseignement.

AlejandroDelgado says:

Venezuela is living in a dictatorship right now, only we, Venezuelans, know what we are experiencing. even with USA as an enemy of the world, what the maduro government does to Venezuela is worse. the country is being destroyed by absurd political interests. Many of those who are struggling (including me) do not support any political party. We just want security, justice, freedom of expression, peace, food and real economic solutions for opportunities. but the government takes away all that. believe it or not, last year I have been assaulted by police officers, the army GNB (Bolivarian National Guard) has killed several students in marches for the release of other students political prisoners. while you, the rest of the world, applauds what chavez left us from the comfort of your homes. fuck chavez, obama and maduro. we want change, we need to be free again, please do not lean the Venezuelan government if you’re not living Venezuelan chaos at this time.