SNL Fails Again: Cranking Up More Latina Stereotypes in “Jewelry Party” Skit

We are starting to think that SNL just wants to keep on pissing off Latinas by having Cecily Strong (who is not Latina, btw) play yet another stereotypical loud accented Latina in yet another stereotypical skit that borders on the ignorant.

Here is the video.

We have no words. There is funny and then there is offensively lame, once again proving that SNL lacks any comedic knowledge of what it is to be Latino in the United States. (PSST: check this for a quick primer.) Basta ya. It is now just stupid, but we do thank you, SNL, for continuing to make a mockery of Latinas. Yes, that’s sarcasm.


As one fan told us in an email:

By chance did you watch the SNL episode tonight? Is it just me or did the Latina in the jewelry sketch come across as a politically ignorant sexpot? She was surrounded by a group of white women talking down to her bc she was sooo oblivious to her misogynistic boyfriend…I’m ashamed that we’re being portrayed like this.

We can only speculate that all those letters asking that SNL actually start authentically paying attention to U.S. Latinos have been read. SNL’s answer is clear to us: we don’t care.


COME ON PEOPLE!!!!! IT"S COMEDY...Can we stop being so freaking sensitive...


"SNL’s answer is clear to us: we don’t care."

And why would they...?

Are we going to make them pay..?

Are we going to boycott or write letters to the show producer...?

By the way, here's SNL twitter account: 


I think I'll get in touch with them...


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