Sorry If We Threw Up This Morning, We Just Saw Sarah Palin’s ‘Immigration’ Video

As long as Republicans do little to condemn what Sarah Palin and her neo-nativist friends say with no fear of reprisal or consequences, this country will never heal and we will never get beyond the insulting notion that if you are a brown immigrant, you are a criminal. Or a terrorist. Yes, this is what Palin said this week. Seriously, she did.

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nancyjohn2010 says:

I agree to a certain extent. People who come to work can contribute and improve society in a number of ways. They can provide a needed skill, produce a product that others need or desire, provide a service that would otherwise go unmet, or build infrastructure that can benifit many.
<a href=””>Immigration to British Columbia, Canada </a>

JoeyNewYork1 says:

Every time Sarah Palin opens her trap all she spews is hate, ignorance and shows a lack of an education, she does no research on what ever topic she try’s to discuss. Watch ”Game Changer”  movie about her run as vice president, if you don’t believe in what she’s all about watch John McCain’s own people express their thoughts on her. Steve Schmidt is one of them that  worked Under John McCain.

Spade The Ghost says:

This clown has the fucking nerve to down talk the immigration movement . I’m not for or against Obama – but this bitch lives on a fucking ice cube . With some how ass kids .
This country was built by immigrant . Unless your a Native of this land by blood line descendants you yourself are either a immigrant or the child / grandchild of one . No matter if your of Spaniard lineage , African , Asian or even the fucks that came and destroyed this once beautiful land . The pilgrimage to this land was only to get rid of the English trash that so plagued there streets in a erawhere the world was living the ancestors of Ms. Piggy Palin were not only immergants , but they where so flea infested , disease spreading , animal fucking descendants of the cursed Caininites . U cave dwelling bitch this is the land of the free OE the home of the slave ?
P.S. you dumd fucking bitch – this land was all one , the fucking white man came and fucked everything pure that ever was .
Thank u for constantly fucking us immigrants around .
But never forget that by 2020 Hispanics will be the majority in this country.
We want our land back .
And get the fuck out of Puerto Rico.
The fuck Ms. Piggy Palin project.
U disrespectful bum bitch !!!!!