Ben Carson Thinks Latin American Immigrants Should Only Work on Farms

In case you missed what Dr. Ben Carson said last night in California about immigration, watch this clip.

So to be clear: Latin American immigrants have some “value” to Carson, but only when it comes to the jobs Americans don’t want to do. Furthermore, the reward these immigrants will get for doing this type of menial labor? Nothing.

Thanks, Dr. Ben.

If you want to see what others said (and it wasn’t much), just check out this clip from CBS News.

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I had to listen to what he said for myself. A lot of you guys are looking at this the wrong way. If farmers cant even pay "Americans" to work their farm, that job is available. Hispanics are taking the jobs that most people wont take because they need to feed their families. So what are really try to point out here? That Ben Carson doesn't see Hispanics as Below Us??? Is this what you ppl are trying to tell everyone? Well, during and after slavery, who was taking the jobs most ppl didnt want... US! So dont make this a Black vs Hispanic issue! We know who the problem makers are...