There’s a ‘Latinos for Trump’ YouTube Video with Inspiring ‘Coming Home’ Piano Music

So that we’re not accused of sharing only one side of the story, we are posting this video because at least you will know now who the 10 or so Latinos who support Donald Trump are.

And in just case you need more, meet Marco, who seems really angry:

This group could also be known as “The 12%”—that’s the number of U.S. Latinos who have a favorable view of Trump, according to Gallup.

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larenceengland says:

Quit with the Racist Crap-If you really want to know what a racist is, Join the army and go to the Middle East for a year or two.

rikimaru says:

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ElizabethWhite1 says:

I am Mexican American and a Woman…both my parents are born in Mexico…I love my roots…and I know one thing…America is NOT ok..We are 19 trillion in debt…44.7 million people are on food stamps…93.4 million people are out of the labor force…19.7% with no family member employed….We need change and.more than ever we need to UNITE….It’s sad how there is so much hatred…we must love and respect each other….!!!….I am not here to blame no one…just here to say…We must try someone new…and with that said….I SUPPORT DONALD J TRUMP for PRESIDENT of my COUNTRY!!!! #Trump2016 #SilentMajority……enough of this Political Correctness…this is AMERICA HOME OF THE FREE..HOME OF THE BRAVE….AND WE WILL FIGHT FOR HER….WE WILL FIGHT FOR AMERICA!!!!!! Build that wall…nothing is free…illigal means against the law!!

PimTinnin says:

Maritzag Thank you.. couldn’t have said it better

PimTinnin says:

interesting how Trump is label racist . Last I checked he employees a lot of all races, even Orientals.. 
I think those, who feel he said something racist, need an English comprehension course.. Hillary is evil. The reason there are so few who will admit it, is because most who know her and spoke out against her, have died… over 140 people associated with the Clintons have been killed.. what other political family has that on their resume?

Maritzag says:

Safe to assume that the “Latinos” that hate Trump are the ones who are either here illegally, want free stuff from the government or all of the above. Trump is for AMERICA. He’s not for Latinos, blacks, whites, etc. He’s for AMERICA! So if you are an American here legally, not terrorizing our country, not taking advantage of the government, not burning our flags and spreading hatred, then Trump is for you. Don’t be so easily influenced by the media and the hatred of others. Educate yourself and stop the hatred and ignorance from reproducing. God Bless the USA. Y para aquellos que dirían que no soy latina porque escribí en inglés, Trump es para AMERICA. El no esta solo para los latinos,o los negros o los blancos. El esta y apoya a los EE.UU. entero. Si usted es latino, esta en este país legalmente, no está rompiendo las leyes de este país, o aprovechándose de gobierno para que le den cosas gratis. Si usted no está quemando la bandera americana o creando división o odio, Trump es para usted. No deje que su odio lo ciege ni deje que la gente lo manipule a usted para que piense como ellos piensan. Piense por si mismo. Eduquese, para que no se siga reproduciendo la ignorancia y odio. Que Dios bendiga a los EE.UU.