Take a Stand Against Banned Books in Tucson: Submit Your Video

Jan 20, 2012
6:04 PM

The power of community and social media occurs when different ideas from different people come together to fight for a cause that is matters to them. With all the controversy surrounding Tucson Unified School District's banning of certain book as it eliminates its Mexican Studies program, a new blog is asking for people to submit their videos to protest this decision.

Here is the information from the blog, Banning History in Arizona:


Videos must contain reading of a passage of one of the books on the list.  You can read it, sign it, sing it, draw it, or otherwise showcase a passage in one of these books.

Do not do anything that violates copyright laws and make sure you quote the title of the book, author and page number from where the passage you are reading is from.

If it's a poem, make sure you state the name of the poem.

You can upload to YouTube and then email us that link or embed code to banninghistory@gmail.com.  Please include the title of your submission, your name and the date submitted.

Please make sure when uploading to YouTube that you include the hashtag #banninghistory so we have all the videos together in one place.

Please make sure you're not cussing or trashing the state, etc.  ONLY read the passage.  If the passage has cussing then so be it.

If you are an author of one of these books, we want to hear from you.  We want you to read from your favorites too!  Let us know your thoughts.

Every single submission will be posted.