Invisible Children’s Financials Are Public: Ask Questions Before Donating to #Kony2012

Mar 8, 2012
8:15 AM

Yesterday, we were one of the first independent media outlets in the world to raise questions about the two sides of the #Kony2012 controversy. By continuing to ask questions about a viral campaign that literally set the Internet on fire, we were commended by many. To all those who dig deeper and look for facts, we hope this type of online behavior continues to become second nature to many. The Internet is a powerful place, but it is still a human invention and both the good and bad of humanity lives on it every day.

Here are the latest statement of funcitonal expenses for Invisible Children.  Bottom line: close to 9 million dollars of expenses and only about 2.8 million given to direct services. You decide. But there are other great organizations that are doing similar work.