Meet Michael Hicks: America’s Worst Elected School Board Member

Apr 3, 2012
10:26 AM

Last night on The Daily Show, Al Madrigal did a segment on Tucson's ban of Mexican American Studies program. In the segment, TUSD school board member Michael Hicks shared his thoughts about education and the board's intent. We are still a bit shocked that someone like Hicks actually got elected.

In the interest of educating people about Hicks, we edited the interview to just show Hicks' portion, with a four-step plan as to how one can become America's worst school board member. We gave credit to The Daily Show, and Viacom can suck it for not letting us post this to YouTube because they are afraid of copyright (hey, we embed you guys all the time the right way and no one is selling this video, get over the fear, Viacom), but the following video had to be shared and it will be shared. Let's just focus on Hicks here. How can any sane and rational person think this man is good for the education of kids?

To watch our edited video, click here. Or just click on the photo image below and it will take you to the edited video. For a complete transcript, go here.

To watch our edited video, click here.