VIDEO from @outernational_: “The Beginning Is Here” from TODOS SOMOS ILEGALES

Jun 4, 2012
9:47 AM

Yes, when we connected with Outernational a few weeks ago, we were honored to publish the second week of their TODOS SOMOS ILEGALES: WE ARE ALL ILLEGALS Tour.

Guess what? Their music is badass, too. Check it out.


There comes a time, there comes a time! 
To get up and out, get up and out! 
Now that we're here, now that we're here! 
That time is now, that time is now! 
So you've been waiting 
I've been waiting too 
What you been waiting for? 
I am waiting on you 

Stop right there, get up and out that room 
We are ready and the time is coming soon 
Us right here, we won't stop 
Your club has gotten cold, so we took it to the block 

They wanna box me up, box me up! 
Then ship me out, ship me out! 
Starve me cold, starve me cold! 
And tie me down, tie me down! 
They say time will tell but their tongue is tied 
Now why in hell would you believe their lies? 
So pick up the pace and face the facts 
If you have a question go ahead and ask 
If this is the last time I ever speak 
You better believe I did not leave 
I went way deep and brought the heat 
Occupying Wall Street 

Borders closed, borders closed! 
Border crashing, border crashing! 
Bored of the boardroom? 
Then join the action, join the action! 
The songs I sing, they can cast a spell 
I don't know no borders and I know them well 
These rebels are microphones 
Public address letters home 
I'm on the hunt, out on the front 
A real revolution is what I want 
This is our first hit, gotham city communists 
For every slum, every township 
There is a hope for the hopeless