Is Luis Fortuño Working for the Democrats?: A Guest Rebelde Post by Raúl Colón

Aug 30, 2012
10:36 PM

A Guest Post by Raúl Colón (@rj_c) of

In history we have seen how an agent provocateur can cause the masses to create more chaos.

Last night I realized how much I had underestimated Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuño. He might be working for the Democrats after all. 

Being a great spy is about keeping your real objectives private. In the past it should have been easier for Mata Hari, Nathan Hale, and other famous spies to keep their real identities a secret. Now with so many open platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +, we're all part of a transparent world, and for some reason Fortuño always seems to fly below the radar.

After his colleague Zoraida Fonalledas was inundated by loud chants of  “USA, USA” the day before, Fortuño took the stage at the Republican National Convention, and the audio team made sure they drowned out any boos from the crowd.

After analyzing all the events, I realized that it was all staged to have all the racists Republicans blow of their steam with the Scapegoat, I mean Zoraida Fonalledas, so they could all join in a roaring applause when Fortuño took the podium the next day. Who would have thought that the same people who speak of harsh immigration laws would applaud an immigrant himself, a person who has some U.S. citizen rights, except the one that eludes him: the right to vote for President.

Thanks to CNN and its live feed, I saw Governor of Puerto Rico (whom I have always thought of as a Republican Hispanic Puppet) appear on the stage. And that is when it hit me: Fortuño must be working for the Democrats.

During his speech, I came up with the five reasons why:

1. He did not prepare for his speech.

I have seen Fortuño speak on many occasions. I know he is not the most talented speaker, but last night he definitely did not prepare for his speech. The last thing you want to do is walk into a Republican convention and say hello to Puerto Rico before you even say hello to the USA. It might be ok for a Reggeaton star to get up on stage and say, “Hello, Puerto Rico!” when he is not actually on the island but this might not fly well with Republicans who the day before where chanting “USA, USA, USA” in Hacksaw Jim Dugan style. If he wanted to unite the 10 Puerto Rican Republicans who live on the Island with the rest of the GOP, this is not the way to start.

2. His 2008 Campaign Slogan Was a Copy of Obama’s Slogan

In 2008 Fortuño took Obama's slogan of “Change” and used it for his campaign. I have to say he did bring change: he left tens of thousands of government employees without a job while lacking structure to have those people get jobs in the private sector. The crime rates in Puerto Rico have risen, and small business owners are struggling to keep their businesses afloat operating at a loss the last 4 years, and in my case losing my home to foreclosure.

3. His Fake War Stories

Fortuño has made up a series of stories on how he supposedly helped a soldier at Walter Reed when he was the Court Jester in the House of Representatives in Washington (also known as Washington's Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico). The part I don't get is that I hear so many terrible stories from veterans that are not getting the right services locally on the island. As a territory, Puerto Rico takes care of more service members than many other states with bigger populations. Apparently Fortuño visited one veteran out of the thousands that needed help, especially those who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Republicans are big fans of their military; Fortuño could really care less. By contradicting what Republicans clearly stand for once again we can see how Fortuño puts the image of the Democrats above his own party.

4. Lack of Influence

I thought it was irresponsible for Fortuño to represent Latinos in the United States because of his lack of influence as the Governor of Puerto Rico for those he holds office for. Lack of influence will hurt the Republican Party more than it can help. Low approval ratings and being a spokesperson to gain Latino votes is a Republican recipe for disaster.

5. He Endorses the Losing Candidate

In 2008 Fortuño stood up and endorsed McCain during the election. His speech was not as sloppy as last night’s and still McCain lost the election. In this case supporting Romney put the scale in favor for Obama to win.

I have analyzed Fortuño for the last eight years and I realized that he continues to fly under the radar while giving Republicans a bad name.

I asked myself: why he doesn’t he employ his stealth tactics and intelligence to improve the well-being of Island residents? But then I quickly remind myself his clear objective is making Republicans look bad on the Island and on the mainland.

If Fortuño had improved the well-being of the Island, I would like to see the results from his actions instead of the words he repeats in every interview he makes.  

If Republicans would accept the reality of Fortuño being a failure for his Island, they would think twice before making him go around and try to gather the Latino vote.

Any other reasons you might think Fortuño is a true Democrat? 


Raúl Colón (@rj_c) is one of the top social media rockstars in Puerto Rico. He is known for his ability to connect authentically with many people online, and his blog is known for its superior insight into social media as well as issues regarding Puerto Rico.

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