#NoMames: AHL Team to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Weekend With Racist Jerseys and Maracas

Nov 11, 2012
1:17 PM


Deadspin reported that the Rockford IceHogs, the American Hockey League affiliate of the Chicago Blackhawks, will be holding a Los IceHogs Night on November 16 in "celebration" of Hispanic Heritage Weekend. Besides wearing some of the most awful and racist jerseys ever, fans will also be getting the jerseys, free maracas, and there will even be a visit from Dora the Explorer. Are you kidding us? How many times can we say #NoMames on this one?

Right now if you go to the IceHogs official site, you will be greeted with this:

The event is being sponsored by Corona, and we are wondering if a Speedy Gonzales Zamboni machine will be clearing the ice as well. Talk about a marketing execution gone haywire. Like the Deadspin piece says: 

The idea of Hispanic Heritage Weekend was probably well-intentioned, but the end product is a disaster. Only dumb white people who can't think of a good Halloween costume still consider sombreros and mustaches to be signifiers of Hispanic culture.

We are reaching out to the IceHogs today for comment. Once we hear from them, we will share their thoughts.

The team's Twitter did post the following tweet, asking people what they they thought about the uniforms.

No, no nos gusta.