Latino News Roundup for January 28th, 2013

Jan 28, 2013
12:40 AM

Latino News Roundup Edition from HispanicTips:


Sonia Sotomayor’s “My Beloved World” becomes New York Times bestseller

Fresh off swearing-in Vice President Joe Biden, Sotomayor will be number one on the hardcover nonfiction bestsellers list for the week of February 3rd :: read more at

Cool New Book from Alejandro L. Madrid – MUSIC IN MEXICO: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture

In Music in Mexico, Alejandro L. Madrid uses extensive fieldwork, interviews with performers, eyewitness accounts of performances, and vivid illustrations to guide students through modern-day music practices. :: read more at

Inspiring Latina of the Week: ABC/Univision’s National Affairs Correspondent Cristina Costantini

It’s not everyday that you meet a 24-year-old who works as a National Affairs Correspondent. :: read more at

Latinos Gain Prominence During TV Pilot Season

It’s official, the name of every 2013 television pilot has now been released to The Hollywood Reporter. And after going through the list of talent involved, one thing is clear. Latinos will be making a major dent in primetime this coming fall. :: read more at

What’s Wrong With Immigration Reform, Rubio Style

Lately Marco Rubio has been busy laying out the Republican Party’s framework for immigration reform to anyone who will listen. “We’re for legal immigration and for enforcing our laws,” the U.S. Senator from Florida explained to Telemundo. :: read more at

Aspiring Celebrities: Latino Bloggers and the Art of Storytelling – by Gus Razzetti

According to new scientific research, if you are trying to persuade someone, “marshaling data and making rational arguments won’t work. Whether you’re changing your own mind or someone else’s, the key is emotional, persuasive storytelling.” :: read more at

DREAMers Ask To Serve in the Military

Rosales joined 20 other DREAMers in New York, California and Arizona on Thursday, calling for the Department of Defense to allow those approved for deferred action to serve in the armed forces. :: read more at

Hispanics More Receptive to Customer Service via Social Media

Overall 57% of Hispanics who use social media have engaged with customer service via social media :: read more at

Obama To Make Major Immigration Moves Next Week

President Barack Obama announced after a meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Friday that he will lay out some of his plans for immigration reform on Tuesday in Las Vegas. :: read more at

Jessica González-Rojas and Lynn Paltrow on Abortion Rights Activism

As we note the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Bill discusses the fierce challenges facing the reproductive rights movement with Jessica González-Rojas, Executive Director of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, :: read more at

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