Mossimo’s Urine Sandals at Target… Sorry, Orina Sandals

Apr 9, 2013
10:33 PM

This one came from, and it speaks to our eternal 4th-grade sense of humor. Apparently, Target was marketing Orina sandals, an actual brand name from Mossimo. Teehee, it’s a story about pee.



The included the explanation of the product from the person who submitted it:

…At my Target, at least, we have been asked to remove all signs with this shoe’s name as well as cover the name on both the box and the shoe tag. Seeing as there are so many Spanish-speaking people who shop and work at Target in various areas of the country, I can’t see how this got past whatever process Target uses to ensure that inappropriate names for shoes don’t reach the shelves.

Now, we did a quick take and first assumed that it was so bad Italian word that didn’t translate well, but “urine” in Italian is spelled “urina” and not “orina.” Then we remembered that Mossimo is an American company which sells its product at Targets all over the country. But brands like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Dillard’s and others also market Orina products.

Sadly, you can still search for Orina at Target, but the shoes not longer show up. That bummed us out.

Now we wonder if Mossimo will be producing a Meada line or an exclusive set of Pipí products.