No Amnesty? #NoMames

Jun 22, 2013
3:32 PM

Yesterday groups like the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Center for Immigration Studies, Eagle Forum, Heritage Action, Heritage Foundation, NumbersUSA, and ProEnglish (many of which are part of the vast neonativist and racially-tinged anti-anything-immigration network formed by John Tanton) decided to hold a #NoAmnesty Twitter party. We decided to crash the party, along with other groups like Café con Leche GOP, Cuéntame, Presente.Org, DRMAction, and Dreamers Adrift.


Via by Aven

We learned a few things, to say the least.

Canadian-born senator Ted Cruz, whose dad used illegal means to enter this country and didn’t renounce his Canadian citizenship until 2005, still doesn’t get it.

There are a lot ignorant people out there who claimed that if you are for immigration reform and a more diverse America, you are just causing the death of America. Oh, yeah, and you must be an “illegal” too. Because you are Latino and from the third world.

Racism knows no skin color. Here is a classy exchange we got from a person of color.

Apparently nativists don’t know how to read as well, but thanks for the RT love of CCLGOP!

Did we already say that Ted Cruz was a hypocrite when it comes to immigration?

Apparently, that little nugget about Cruz’s dad bribing his way into this country doesn’t matter to the nativists.

Then there is this guy, who assumes that anyone with a Spanish surname needs to be questioned about his or her status. Yeah, this is the kind of guy who LOOOOOOVES Ted Cruz. Read on, bad spelling and all. Write in English, carajo!

Then there is the brilliant sarcasm from Dreamers Adrift. Here are just a few of their tweets.

You have to enjoy being in the belly of the beast sometimes. Truly you do.