#NoMames: ProEnglish Celebrates Racism and Discrimination with “Don’t Speak Spanish” Virginia Pic

Aug 3, 2013
7:46 PM

Ah, ProEnglish, one of the many nativist organizations of John Tanton. This is the same “advocacy group” that created a fake undocumented immigrant for a radio ad.

Looks like the ProEnglish crew still doesn’t get it, after posting the following image on its Facebook site yesterday:


The image refers to this year’s gubernatorial Virginia race between Republican Ken Cucinelli and Democrat Terry MacAuliffe. It has been billed as one of the country’s most bizarre elections of the year. Yeah, MacAuliffe has had his problems, but hey, Cucinelli doesn’t seem to love immigrants, especially those who (gasp) speak another language.

The Facebook photo, which has gone viral, was getting its expected “Speak English” vibe until the Rebeldes swooped in. Here are just some of the recent comments:

Cuccinelli y todos sus simpatizantes me la pelan!

Most of the idiots in this country can barely speak or write English. That goes doubly true for Virginia.

If you don’t speak Spanish you are a loser. Spanish will be the first language in USA from 2050. Si usted no habla español usted es un perdedor. El español será la primera lengua en EE.UU. desde 2050.

So if I speak Spanish in Virginia, I will get fired? Heading to Virginia right now para comenzar a hablar en español. BTW, you all know that Virginia is Spanish means Virginia and is spelled the same way?

Esta página es muy estúpido. People who can’t even spell in English bitching about English only.

Pinche republicscum pendejos.

Que mucho ignorante. Veremos a ver cuando seamos el grupo mas grande en los EE.UU.

To all you brave defenders of the English language, I leave you with a homework assignment, based solely on the comments I’ve seen here: First, look up the differences between (1) Your and You’re (2) Were and We’re (3) Their, There, and They’re (4) It’s and Its. Second, please find any fourth grade English grammar book and peruse (that means “read carefully”, contrary to popular belief) all chapters on basic sentence structure. Third, review rules for capitalization of proper nouns. Finally, write a brief 500 word essay on the hypocrisy of demanding that everyone speak a language that you seem to have only a cursory grasp of yourself.

As for ProEnglish, bring it. We are here. Times are changing, pendejos, which means, pubic hairs in English. Hit it, Gollum. And if you need a translation, ProEnglish, it means, “suck it.”