From Fusion’s Jorge Rivas: Google Corrects Inaccurate Translation of “Indocumentado”

Aug 14, 2013
10:55 AM

So this is how it happens. First Fusion’s Jorge Rivas writes an opinion piece over the weekend, saying that the Spanish word “indocumentado” does not mean “illegal immigrant” in Google Translate’s web page translation service. Then, Rivas gets Google to comment.

Now, according to Rivas, Google Translate has fixed the issue. Here is what he reported today:

It’s unclear whether Google Translate is now translating all instances of “indocumentado” to undocumented but 10 stories that Fusion was following had the correct–updated–translation on Tuesday.

CREDIT: Fusion's Jorge Rivas

CREDIT: Fusion’s Jorge Rivas

As for the translation system’s fail, Rivas also got the following comment about Google from the head of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists:

“For them to not to understand or be receptive to the fact that undocumented is not the same as illegal, regardless of how they’re system is generating that answer, is irresponsible,” Hugo Balta, president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) told Fusion Tuesday morning.

You can read Rivas’ full story here.