#GolDeSilencio: Campaign to Silence Chile’s First Goal Tonight in Memory of 1973 Coup Victims

Sep 6, 2013
9:50 AM

This just floored us.



On September 6, 2013, Chile hosts Venezuela in the same stadium where the human rights of 12,000 Chileans were violated 40 years ago. To all the Chilean players, we ask that when the first goal is scored, don’t celebrate it. Keep your mouths closed to stop the scream that comes from your soul. That you close your fist so you don’t raise your hand in the air. And if you really want to celebrate the goal to the fullest, tell the entire stadium to stay silent as well. We know that not celebrating the first goal is a big thing to ask, but the good thing is that when you score the second goal, we will all celebrate it with you.

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