Latina Employee Sues NYC’s Alexander McQueen Store for Racial Discrimination

Nov 13, 2013
12:21 PM

As first reported by The New York Post, a former Alexander McQueen saleswoman who is Latina filed a racial discrimination lawsuit claiming that her supervisor called her “burrito face,” “taco smoke” and “Goya princess.”


This is what the Post said:

Manhattan resident Moselle Blanco worked at the late fashion designer’s flagship in the Meatpacking District for over 10 years until she was fired in September 2012.

Blanco says her boss, retail sales manager Max Cantey subjected her “to a persistent barrage of offensive comments based on her race and national origin” and impeded “her ability to close additional sales with her clients.”

Blanco, 43, says in the Manhattan civil suit that she had a solid client base at the W. 14th Street boutique that is a favorite shopping destination of fashion forward stars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

Here is the entire lawsuit:

Moselle Blanco Discrimination Suit by Latino Rebels

(H/T Latino Voices)