Texas GOP Leader Slammed for Apartheid Support Says Latino Conservative Group Has “Crimmigrant Friends”

Dec 10, 2013
7:20 PM

This afternoon Sara Legvold, a Cuban American executive committee member of Texas’ Republican Party, took to Facebook to disparage a statement by Cafe con Leche Republicans that strongly criticized her views on apartheid. Here is what Legvold posted on Facebook. Her comments are directed to Bob Quasius, CCLR’s president.

Sara Legvold responds 12-10-2013

The statement CCLR posted before Legvold’s comments called for her resignation, especially since the Texas GOP has no intention of having Legvold resign:

Marshall, MN – Cafe Con Leche Republicans reacted today to the controversy over Facebook posts in support of Apartheid by Texas GOP executive committee member Sara Legvold.

Bob Quasius, President, said “we’re shocked and dismayed at the rhetoric we’ve often encountered from Sara Legvold in the Conservative Hispanic Society Facebook group. There’s no doubt in our mind that she’s a bigot, and I hear the same thing from many Latino Republican leaders in Texas who are fed up with her hateful tone.”

“There are plenty of Republicans on both sides of the immigration issue who debate this issue respectfully, and there’s plenty of room within the GOP for different viewpoints on immigration. However, there should be zero tolerance for hatred of minorities and immigrants, especially within senior leadership ranks.”

“I’m frankly astonished that anyone who holds a senior level position in the Republican party posts content from Stormfront in a public forum, and apparently has very favorable views of apartheid. We’re deeply disappointed at the weak response from the Republican Party of Texas. We’ve been in touch with the RPOT, and were told there are no plans to ask for Sara Legvold to resign. The appropriate action is for Sara Legvold to step down from her position from the Republican Party of Texas executive committee. She needs to stop embarrassing the party of Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. Bigotry is not a conservative value.”

“Incidents like this severely corrodes honest and sincere GOP efforts at outreach with New Americans and minorities, and liberals use this type of rhetoric to define Republicans as anti-immigrant and anti-Latino. The vast majority of Republicans, including those opposed to immigration reform, are not bigots, but clearly Sara Legvold is one of the rare exceptions.”