Baltimore City Democrat: “Mexicans” Comments a “Poor Choice of Words”

Jan 7, 2014
3:52 PM

Today Maryland state delegate Curt Anderson of Baltimore City (D) finally addressed comments he made this weekend about his being “amazed at how many Mexicans” were working on a city school.


Here is what Bryan P. Sears of The Daily Record reported today when Anderson was asked about the comments:

“It was a poor choice of words. Let’s just leave it at that,” Anderson said…

Anderson also added the following:

I always hoped that when we passed money to build new schools in that city that it would make it to African-American and other minority business enterprises. It was not a slur against Mexicans but more my frustration that they didn’t hire African-Americans for the job.

Yes, that was his explanation, which still puzzles us because we are still unsure is Anderson is equating “Mexicans” to “Latinos,” especially since Baltimore’s Latino population “grew dramatically by 134.7%” from 2000–2010. According to Pew, Baltimore’s 2010 Latino population was 26.7% Mexican, 16.7% Puerto Rican and 15.9% Salvadoran.