Fusion Apologizes for “Every Gringa Needs a ‘Vieja Loca'” Opinion Piece

Jan 26, 2014
2:17 PM

Last week Fusion’s Jessica Landa wrote a opinion piece called “Every Gringa Needs a ‘Vieja Loca’.” It told the story of how Landa was lucky to have to have a Latina mother-in-law:


As you can imagine, the response to Landa’s piece wasn’t good. Here were just a few of the tweets we got when we shared Landa’s piece:


Similar comments appeared where the original Fusion piece was published:

“this has to be actual satire, right? like, you really do not believe this isn’t deeply racist and offensive, do you? you don’t pay her? really.” I’m sure she also reminds to ‘keep your man serviced regular” ?

On Friday morning, in the middle of a researching the story, we went to the original link and saw this:


So we tweeted Fusion:


It had some wondering:


Soon we got a response from one of Fusion’s social media team members:


You can read the revised piece here, which starts with the following Editor’s Note:

Editor’s note:

This article as it originally appeared on our site did not meet our editorial standards. It is the job of the site editors to ensure that everything published on Fusion.net lives up to our goal of “Championing a more diverse, inclusive and smart America,” and in this instance, we fell short.

The piece is about a first person narrative by a woman describing what it’s like to live with her mother-in-law. While the experience the writer sought to convey was legitimate, the manner in which it was presented unintentionally played into cultural stereotypes, as some readers pointed on the site and via social media. We understand these concerns and share them. The fact that the article was published before these issues could be addressed and corrected was the result of a breakdown in our editorial process, and for that, we as an editorial team, apologize.

We have revised the piece to better reflect the writer’s original intention and removed portions that may have caused offense.

As a media organization, we will undoubtedly make mistakes, and we are grateful to have an audience that cares enough to point them out. We hope to become better as a result.

Meanwhile, here is a screen grab of Landa’s original piece, which was back up for a few hours on Friday before it was revised. The revised version includes a new title and several new edits.






New comments after the revised piece was also posted:

You are kidding right? Editorial corrections??? What a knee jerk reaction to the social media opinion bullies.

Clearly you are missing the point. In between these lines is NOT ignorance, insensitivity nor racism. In between these lines is love, respect and honor. Clearly these two women have a beautiful relationship of which humor is clearly a part. Should they now fear the social media? I laughed out loud when I read this article, shed some tears too. Many mothers in law are wonderful. Mine was and I miss her dearly. And clearly this young woman is grateful for hers. She is lucky. I hope you all are too.

Really people? Bimbo and racist?. This author clearly loves her mother in law and is poking fun of the benefits of having her in her life. How lucky is her husband to have a wife and mother who live together by choice and love each other?How blessed are their children to have their grandma with them? The author is clearly trying to tell all young brides that their lives would be a dream come true if they love and are loyal to their mother in law. The author is clearly impressed with her husbands culture of extended family living together. Never come between a man and his momma or you will be divorced. So to all women no matter your culture or color take this authors advice and learn to love your mother in law, take her advice, eat her questionable food with a smile, appreciate her, live with her, let her spoil your kids. Best part let her baby your man so you don’t have too. I am jealous of the author. I hope she continues to have her cake, eat it too. She is wise beyond her years. Must be she follows and humors the crazy old lady’s advice.