Ysleta ISD to Endorse Mexican American Studies

Mar 5, 2014
4:35 PM

This just in from Ysleta Independent School District, which serves the El Paso, Texas area:


YISD School Board Meeting – El Paso, TX- March 5, 2014 – At 6pm tonight, the Ysleta Independent School District is set to be the first Texas school district to endorse a Mexican American Studies program. The implementation of Culturally and Historically Relevant Materials in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12, with additional Mexican American Studies Courses in High Schools.

The implementation of these courses is crucial to the Mexican American population which as of 2012, is over 51% of Texas public and charter school students. Since the 1950’s, the Mexican American student drop-out rate has not changed much. However, with the implementation of a Mexican American Studies program, which is attached to an Empirical Analysis out of the University of Arizona (The Cabrera Study), the Ysleta Independent School District may be the first district in El Paso, to send a statewide message that they can and will implement Mexican American Studies. By endorsing the MAS program, Ysleta ISD is making a dramatic statement in the city and the state – Let’s prepare ALL students for the multicultural and multimedia world through MAS programs.

“The implementation of Mexican American Culture, History and Literature in El Paso public schools is desperately needed. Our students are faced with life and death decisions when it comes to education. A pedagogy which honors them, their families, beliefs, culture and customs will not only allow them to be active participants in their education but will also allow them to engage in their communities and provide for economic growth for our city.” Georgina C. Perez, Tu Libro, Librotraficante La Vecina

“This is an important moment in history because we are on the verge of a cultural domino effect. This must culminate on April 9th, and Republican TX SBOE Member, Barbara Cargill, must allow the SBOE members a vote on Mexican American Studies program implementation. This is vital for our community and our community demands it.”  El Librotraficante, Tony Diaz, www.MASTexas.org