Meet the Texas Republican Who Wants to Organize a “César Chávez” Style Boycott

Apr 8, 2014
11:20 AM

Say hello to David Bradley, one of the 10 Republicans who are part of the Texas State Board of Education (SBoE). In response to an Associated Press reporter’s question about a vote to have Mexican American Studies (MAS) be part of the state’s formal curriculum, this is what Bradley said:


We wonder what Bradley would want to boycott exactly? Making stupid comments that mock the struggles of farmworkers and what they had to endure for better conditions and an actual voice?

Bradley also said this:

We’re all Americans. To suggest otherwise is to further segregate and divide the community. I’m sorry if I disappoint some folks, but it’s almost reverse racism.

Ahh, yes, the “reverse racism” argument. Here’s our response to that one:

And he said this to another reporter:

I’m Irish. So I’d like to propose an amendment to create an Irish-American Studies class. Why not Indian-American Studies? That may sound silly. But I’m raising a serious point. In Texas public schools, we teach American history and Texas history. We don’t teach Irish-American history and Italian-American history.

Nonetheless, Bradley’s comment confirm why some Texas Republicans remain clueless about “Texas history.” As one someone told us on Twitter:


The vote for MAS is happening tomorrow, and with 10 Republicans on the board, it will be interesting to see if it passes. (The board has five Democrats.) Nonetheless, that is not stopping our own Librotraficante and others in Texas who have been running phone banks and spreading the word about what having MAS matters.


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