Al Madrigal to Host Primetime Fusion Special About US Latinos

May 2, 2014
12:01 PM

This week Fusion announced that comedian and “Daily Show” corespondent Al Madrigal “will host and report a one-hour primetime special for Fusion on the power and influence of the booming Latino community” in the United States. The special is set to air in the fall.


“I’m delighted to carry on in the tradition of the great reporters like Edward R. Murrow, Ernie Pyle, and Geraldo Rivera to probe vitally important issues of the day starting with whether I’m Hispanic or Latino,” Madrigal said in an official press release.

Members of our community reacted positively to the news. In fact, several of our followers are already crowdsourcing ideas for Madrigal:

“Make sure Al makes it down to El Paso/Juarez.”

“Come to New Mexico and explore the difference between Spanish and Mexican. I will be waiting to speak with you.”

The best suggestion, however, was this one: “Hope he speaks Latin.”

Now THAT would be funny: a live interview in Latin. Or as they say in ancient Rome: “Hoc esset ridiculam.” Or something like that.